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Louise| September 4

If I had to name my favorite cuisine, it would probably be Indian. We all know Indian food works wonders when you want to warm up on a cold night, or just pamper your demanding taste buds.

That’s why I’ve been so thrilled to find out my Paleo diet is not going to stop me from enjoying these familiar, spicy flavors.

From chicken tandoori to pork vindaloo meatballs, this list includes all your favorite Indian dishes.

Here are a few great examples you’ll find on this list:

  • Curry recipes – Whether you like beef, fish, vegetable, lamb or chicken curry, we’ve got you covered.
  • Flatbread – What’s Indian food without some tasty naan bread? Nothing, if you ask me! That’s why we’ve included Paleo-friendly flatbread recipes.
  • Easy-to-make options – Try the 4-ingredient chicken curry or the beef curry that is made in the pressure cooker. You won’t have to bend over backward to make either of these.

You’ll also find yummy dessert recipes that will crown your Indian meal and surprise everyone at the table. They’ll get another surprise when you tell them all the recipes were Paleo!

If you’re not a big fan of spicy food or there are kids at your dinner party, no need to worry; we’ve also included recipes that are less spicy, but still super flavorful.

You could also adjust the heat by cutting down the amount of ginger or curry powder. Or spice it up even more – it’s up to you!

Most of these Paleo Indian recipes are easy to double (or even triple), which makes them perfect for those times you’re cooking for a larger crowd. And if you happen to have leftovers, here’s a secret; spicy food only gets better after a day or two!

Here are just a few of the Paleo Indian Recipes we’ve included:

  • Colorful Vegetable Curry
  • Paleo Fish Curry
  • Paleo Beef Curry
  • Coconut Chicken Curry
  • Paleo Chicken Korma Recipe
  • Paleo Crispy Garlic Curry Chicken Drumsticks Recipe
  • Indian Sweet Jackfruit Balls Dessert Recipe [Paleo, AIP]
  • Coconut Masala Chai (Paleo, Dairy-free)

If you click or tap any of the links above, it will instantly take you to the recipe below. Or download the entire list by clicking on the green button below.

Paleo Curries

Colorful Vegetable Curry

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: broth (or water), sweet potatoes, cauliflower, zucchini, curry powder (or turmeric powder), cilantro, salt.

This is a great vegetable curry which is hearty and delicious and so versatile as you can add in whatever veggies you have! The lovely golden color comes from the turmeric which could help to reduce inflammation. To make the broth into more of a sauce, you can thicken it with arrowroot and either enjoy it straight from the bowl or serve it over Paleo cauliflower rice.

Coconut Chicken Curry

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: chicken breast, ghee or butter or coconut oil, coconut cream, chicken broth or stock, carrots, celery, tomatoes, curry powder or garam masala, ginger, cilantro, garlic, salt.

This is a fantastic Paleo curry because it is so quick and easy to make. If you can, use fresh ginger and this adds a more authentic warmth to the dish. Once you add garlic, make sure you stir it well as garlic can catch very easily. If you crave creamy curry sauces then it is a perfect idea to use the coconut cream as many authentic curry recipes have this background flavor.

Paleo Fish Curry

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: tilapia or other fish, coconut cream, fish broth (or chicken broth and fish sauce), carrots, celery, tomatoes, curry powder or garam masala, turmeric, ginger, cilantro, garlic, salt.

Here is another exciting dish that you can use to up the intake of seafood in your diet. You can use any white fish, but firm fish like cod or tilapia work best as they don’t break down. I have also made this curry with shrimp and it is also delicious! To make this curry even more flavorful but still keep it Paleo compliant, you could cook the carrots in the broth instead of separately in water.

Paleo Beef Curry

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: beef round or other boneless cut, onion, curry powder, ground cumin, ground coriander, ground turmeric, cardamom, coconut milk, fish sauce, ginger, garlic, fresh basil leaves, salt, coconut oil.

With all the spices and flavorings added to the beef in this great paleo curry recipe you are bound to have a delicious meal that you can serve on a colder day to heat you up, or as a main for an Indian-inspired dinner with friends and family. The beef is tender and full of flavor, and this amazing curry is best served on a bed of cauliflower rice which can be flavored with garlic if you like.

Pressure Cooker Beef Curry Stew

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: beef stew chunks, broccoli florets, zucchinis, chicken broth (or use water), curry powder, garlic powder, salt, coconut milk.

Tender and delicious beef stews don’t get much easier than this! And in the pressure cooker, you’ll be able to fix this dish up really quickly. You don’t need many ingredients for this recipe, and the only spices you’ll need are curry powder and garlic powder.

Paleo Eggplant Curry

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: coconut oil, eggplants, white button mushrooms, onion, garlic cloves, ginger, curry powder, coconut milk, salt, freshly ground black pepper, cilantro, flaked almonds.

Eggplant provides a nice canvas for a curry, as it really takes on the flavors of the other ingredients. This quick paleo eggplant curry recipe is sure to satisfy and delight!

Keto Salmon Curry Recipe [Paleo, Low-Carb]

– Keto Summit

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (7)

Ingredients: onion, green beans, curry powder, garlic powder, coconut milk, bone broth, raw salmon, coconut oil, salt and pepper, basil.

This is a quick and easy Keto curry recipe as the fish takes only a few minutes to cook, so it would be perfect for a chilly evening when you don’t have time to spend too long cooking. The salmon is rich in healthy fats and if you don’t have green beans then you could use spinach or asparagus or even some broccoli florets to give you a warming and satisfying meal.

Keto Cauliflower Chicken Curry

– Keto Summit

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (8)

Ingredients: chicken breasts, coconut oil, cumin powder, salt, cauliflower, bone broth or chicken broth, coconut cream, curry powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper.

Spice things up with this Keto cauliflower chicken curry. It’s warm, filling, and satisfying, checking all of your boxes for a hearty meal.

4-Ingredient Keto Chicken Curry Recipe

– Keto Summit

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (9)

Ingredients: ground chicken, coconut milk, curry powder, cauliflower, coconut oil, salt, pepper.

With only four ingredients, this Keto curry is one of the easiest to make and is suitable for even novice cooks. The end result has all the flavor you expect and is filling and satisfying, especially on a cold evening, but is really low in carbs. It is also quite cheap to make so this would be perfect for a large family or a student on a tight budget. This recipe also works well with shrimp for a different flavor option.

Fragrant AIP Coconut Curry Recipe

– Healing Autoimmune

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (10)

Ingredients: avocado oil, zucchinis, white button mushrooms, onion, garlic, ginger, ground turmeric, coconut milk, salt, cilantro, cauliflower white rice (cauliflower, coconut oil, salt).

Here is a vegetarian recipe for a tasty and satisfying curry to give you a warming dish that does not take long to make – perfect for dinner on a busy day! You have the traditional flavors and aromas of garlic and ginger and the earthy turmeric, which adds flavor and color. This AIP dish is filling because you are using meaty mushrooms and zucchini, so you don’t need any meat to bulk it up.

Rogan Josh (Lamb Curry)

– Slim Palate

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (11)

Photo Credit: Josh from Slim Palate

Ingredients: lamb shoulder, avocado oil or macadamia nut oil, onion, garlic, bay leaves, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick, ground cloves, coriander, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, fresh roma tomatoes, coconut milk or yogurt.

Lamb is an ingredient that is used a lot in Indian cookery, and it carries the spices really well in this rich and flavorful curry. Although there are a few spices in the recipe, this is not a hot curry and you can reduce the heat even more by cutting down on the cayenne if you don’t tolerate spicy food. With a base made from tomato and yoghurt, this is a really authentic but Paleo-friendly curry.

Garlic Fish Curry

– My Heart Beets

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (12)

Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets

Ingredients: cod (or tilapia), avocado oil, garlic, curry leaves, serrano pepper, salt, black pepper, turmeric powder, canned diced tomatoes, water.

Here is another helpful recipe for a quick and tasty dinner midweek that doesn’t mean standing at the stove for ages. There is a lot of garlic in this dish, but it is not overpowering, it simply boosts the flavor and aromas of the curry. Try to use firm fish like cod as it will hold its shape better during cooking, then sit back and enjoy the rich taste of this Paleo curry served over cauliflower rice.

Butternut Squash Chicken Curry

– The Healthy Foodie

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (13)

Photo Credit: Sonia from The Healthy Foodie

Ingredients: coconut oil, onion, skinless boneless chicken breasts, Himalayan salt, white pepper, butternut squash, light chicken stock, garam masala, spicy curry powder, full fat coconut milk, tapioca starch, lime juice, tomato, baby spinach leaves.

Because this Paleo curry is so filling and full of flavor, it definitely looks and tastes like comfort food. It has loads of color and has the traditional flavors from the curry powder and garam masala. This dish is low in carbs and if you have any leftovers they can be reheated and served for breakfast, or frozen and kept for another day.

Other Paleo Indian Main Dishes

Paleo Chicken Korma Recipe

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: cauliflower, coconut oil, sea salt, pepper, cardamom pods, cilantro, chicken breasts, coconut oil, onion, garlic, curry powder, cinnamon powder, onion powder, ginger, water, coconut cream.

If you are not too keen on spicy food but love the flavors of India, a korma curry is ideal for you! It is gently spiced, not hot, and the same recipe can be adapted to whatever meat or vegetables you like. The korma sauce should be creamy but not heavy and is suitable for chicken, lamb or even seafood. This is a great way to introduce Indian flavor to the younger members of the family!

Paleo Crispy Garlic Curry Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: chicken drumsticks, salt, curry powder, garlic powder.

Curry and chicken together are such a classic combination. This is a perfect dish to share with others at a get-together or to have for a paleo-friendly meal at home. Children also love drumsticks and you can rest easy knowing that these are so healthy. To make sure the drumsticks are crispy, we advise you dry the raw chicken with a piece of kitchen roll before applying the coating.

Crispy Indian Chicken Drumsticks

– Paleo Flourish

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (16)

Ingredients: chicken drumsticks, salt, garam masala, coconut oil.

I’ve been making this non-stop because it’s so easy, so flavorful, and so delicious!

Paleo Lemon Ghee Roast Chicken

– Paleo Flourish

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (17)

Ingredients: whole chicken, lemon, ghee, salt.

Lemon chicken varies wildly around the world. This paleo lemon ghee roast chicken recipe adds just the right amount of tang to the juicy chicken.

Paleo Curried Chicken Salad

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: chicken breasts, onion, celery stalks, cashews, raisins, Primal Kitchen Mayo, curry powder, salt, lemon juice, coconut oil.

I really love chicken salad recipes, but my favorite are Paleo curried chicken salad recipes. Maybe I just have a soft spot for anything curry flavored.

Paleo Mango Coconut Curried Chicken Salad

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: chicken breast, coconut oil, mango, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, chives or green onions, shredded coconut, coconut cream (or the top of a refrigerated can of coconut milk), curry powder, salt.

I’ve always loved curried chicken salads. There’s something about the flavor of curry powder that just goes so well with chicken. But it also needs a touch of sweetness, which the mangoes and blueberries in this recipe provides.

Instant Pot Mango Chicken

– My Heart Beets

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (20)

Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets

Ingredients: onion, garlic cloves, ginger, oil of choice, black mustard seeds, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick, salt, paprika, turmeric, black pepper, skinless and boneless chicken thighs, water, mango puree from fresh or frozen ripe mangoes, full-fat canned coconut milk, cilantro.

I just love chicken with mango, whether it is in a curry or a Chinese-inspired dish. They seem to set each other off so well and the mango adds a creamy and fruity tropical flavor to the dish. Cooking this dish in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker means you will have a meal ready to serve in half an hour, so this AIP recipe would be great for dinner after a busy day.

Paleo Chicken Tikka Masala

– A Girl Worth Saving

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (21)

Photo Credit: Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving

Ingredients: raw cashews, boneless skinless chicken thighs, tomato puree, yellow onion, garlic, garam masala, sea salt, ground ginger, paprika, cayenne pepper, cilantro.

Tikka masala is now the favorite curry in the UK, and is made with a rich tomato-based sauce that goes well with chicken or seafood. This recipe uses all the authentic spices and flavorings to give you a real taste of India, so this would be a fantastic main for your next Indian dinner party. This curry freezes really well and can also be cooked on the stove-top instead of a slow cooker.

Chicken Tandoori Recipe (Dairy-Free & Paleo)

– Healy Eats Real

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (22)

Photo Credit: Hannah from Healy Eats Real

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, cayenne, coriander powder, cumin, garam masala, paprika, turmeric powder, coconut milk, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, sea salt, black pepper, chicken drumsticks (or drumsticks and thighs, bone-in), onions, lemon wedges, cilantro.

This dairy free paleo recipe involves quite a few spices, but if you are a fan of Indian food, you probably have most of them already. Indian restaurants use a tandoor, an Indian oven, but these taste just as good cooked in a conventional oven. Using a mixture of drumsticks and thighs gives you more flavor than chicken breast and can be sourced quite cheaply, making this a great family meal.

Pork Vindaloo Meatball Recipe – Low Carb and Gluten Free

– I Breathe I’m Hungry

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (23)

Photo Credit: Mellissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry

Ingredients: ground pork, egg, almond flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, ground cumin, ground cloves, olive oil, onion, garlic, cardamom pods, fresh chili pepper, ground coriander, ground turmeric, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, mustard powder, bay leaf, granulated sugar substitute, low sugar ketchup, water, apple cider vinegar.

Vindaloo is usually quite a spicy curry, so these delicious pork meatballs would be ideal for people who love spice. This is a low carb and gluten free recipe that would make a fantastic meal for a chilly day. This could be served with cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash, but it is filling enough to enjoy as it is. If you don’t like cardamom, just leave them out and you won’t alter the flavor too much.

Cashew Vegetable Korma

– Seasonal and Savory

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (24)

Photo Credit: Angela from Seasonal & Savory

Ingredients: roasted and salted cashews, coconut milk, garlic, ginger paste, jalapeno, curry powder, ground turmeric, olive oil, white onion, vegetables of your choice (such as cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots and green beans), water, salt.

Here is another adaptable recipe that lets you use your own choice of vegetables, depending on what you already have. This is a vegan paleo recipe that is low in carbs but high on flavor, with a rich and creamy sauce the whole family will love. The sauce is thickened with cashew puree and you could scatter a few whole cashews on top before serving for an added bit of texture.

Other Paleo Indian Recipes

Indian Cauliflower Mash

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: cauliflower, carrots, peas, cumin powder, curry powder, celery seeds, salt, coconut oil.

This gently spiced mash can be served as a side with meat or fish for a really tasty paleo meal, but I also like to serve it as a light lunch dish on its own. It is a cheap dish as you are using frozen vegetables which can be much cheaper than fresh but still retain all their goodness as they are quickly frozen after picking. Turn this into a main meal by adding in some cooked chicken or shrimp.

Paleo Garlic Flatbread Recipe

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: unsweetened coconut milk (from cartons), dried instant yeast or nutritional yeast, coconut flour, almond flour, baking powder, garlic powder, garlic, dried oregano, salt, pepper, egg, egg whites.

This delicious paleo-compliant flatbread makes a great substitute for traditional naan bread to serve with curries. This is a low carb and gluten free recipe, and this bread could also be used as a tear and share along with chili, soups and stews, or even as a sandwich for breakfast or lunch. The recipe uses one egg and two egg whites, so you could scramble the other two egg yolks and serve along with this!

Indian Sweet Jackfruit Balls Dessert Recipe [Paleo, AIP]

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: sweet jackfruit segments, honey, coconut flour, salt, coconut oil or ghee.

Indian desserts often involve baked or fried dishes containing fruit, so these delicious little balls would make a delicious dessert for your next Indian dinner party. Jackfruit is common in many countries, either canned or fresh, but if you can’t source them you could use fresh ripe mango instead. I would taste the mixture before adding any honey as the fruit is naturally very sweet.

Coconut Masala Chai (Paleo, Dairy-free)

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: coconut milk, water, loose black tea leaves, masala tea spice blend.

Masala simply means ‘spice mix’, and the spices used are specifically blended for the tea. They normally include cardamom and nutmeg. This drink has its origins in India, famous for their tea, but is quite simple to make yourself, and by adding coconut cream you can experience the dairy free option at home. Just remember to strain the tea before drinking if you are using loose tea leaves!

Paleo Golden Coconut Balls

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: unsweetened shredded coconut, almonds, coconut butter, coconut oil, turmeric powder, raw honey.

These Paleo golden coconut balls are a great example of something that you can easily assemble at home and feed all those desires to have a quick treat for yourself.

Paleo Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tonic

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: water, lemon juice, apple, turmeric powder (or a small piece of fresh turmeric), ginger, coconut oil, black pepper.

Dairy-filled milkshakes and sugary sodas are out! If you’re looking for a drink that tastes great without all the sugar, dairy, and preservatives, we’ve got you covered. This Paleo anti-inflammatory turmeric tonic is packed with ingredients that taste as good as they will make you feel.

Paleo Turmeric Bone Broth

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: Paleo bone broth, turmeric powder, ginger powder, pepper, salt.

Turmeric has been the golden child of health-conscious individuals for some time. So has bone broth. I put them together in this Paleo turmeric bone broth to enjoy the benefits of both.

Make Your Own Masala Chai Tea Spice Mix/Blend

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: nutmeg, ginger powder, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves.

Looking to make your own chai spice mix to use for hot drinks or to sprinkle into dishes? Then this recipe is for you!

Keto Curried Eggs Recipe

– Keto Summit

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (33)

Ingredients: eggs, coconut oil, garlic, curry powder.

With a wonderful golden tone from the curry powder, these lovely eggs would grace any table as an appetizer for your next Indian meal, or as a tasty but healthy snack. Eggs are an important ingredient on the Paleo diet as they provide you with a good source of protein, but keep the carbohydrates to a minimum. This dish can also be served for breakfast and the eggs go really well with some hot sauce.

Keto Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower

– Keto Summit

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (34)Ingredients: cauliflower, ghee, turmeric powder, salt, pepper.

Cauliflower is a staple of a Keto diet whether it’s in the form of cauliflower or cauliflower mash. With so many different cauliflower preparations, it can be easy to get lost or overwhelmed when you’re looking for a quick and easy side. That’s where this Keto roasted turmeric cauliflower comes in.

Paleo and AIP Garlic Cauliflower Naan Bread [Nut-Free, Grain-Free]

– Healing Autoimmune

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (35)

Ingredients: cauliflower, arrowroot flour, garlic powder, avocado oil (or olive oil), salt.

If you are anything like me, you will love curry with a good naan bread, but obviously this is a no-no on the paleo diet, so imagine my delight at finding this great low carb naan bread recipe that works just as well with my favorite curry! Obviously, it will not look or taste exactly like the Indian version, but it still works well as a side, and is a tear-and-share bread the whole family can enjoy.

Paleo Paneer

– My Heart Beets

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (36)

Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets

Ingredients: raw cashews, water, gelatin, lemon juice, salt, cream of tartar.

This dairy-free paneer is not as firm as normal paneer but it’s just as delicious! This paleo cheese will melt in your mouth and is a perfect addition to any Indian meal.

Golden Milk (Turmeric Milk Recipe)

– Coconut Mama

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (37)

Photo Credit: Tiffany from The Coconut Mama

Ingredients: coconut milk, turmeric powder, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla extract, raw honey.

Golden milk has been used in India for many years as a source of healing for the gut and to reduce inflammation and joint pain, making it perfect for the Paleo diet. It is rich in color and flavor and served warm it makes a soothing drink to have in the morning, or as a comforting cup before bedtime. You can also add a little grated or ground ginger to make a warming drink to ease a sore throat.

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (38)

37 Paleo Indian Recipes You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner (2024)
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